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Integrity. Creativity. Passion.


At Good Soldier Films Inc. our mandate is to create high quality and commercially viable films and television projects with integrity, creativity and passion.  Our goal is to create a positive work environment for our team and a thrilling ride for our audience and fans.


Good Soldier Films has finished production on “Autumn Stables” and “A Deadly View” and has recently released the musical “Country Crush”,  the psychological thriller “Night Cries” and the thriller “The Man In The Shadows” ! Up next for 2018 is “Astonishing Tales of Terror!”


The company is comprised of Executive Producers Andrew Cymek, Brigitte Kingsley and Jimmy Martins with Creative Director Jim Peacock.  Collectively, the team has over 50 years of experience in the film industry and has already collaborated together on 7 feature films and 2 television series.

Brigitte Kingsley
CEO / Executive Producer


Brigitte Kingsley is an Executive Producer, Producer and Actress.  She is best known for her role as the Warrior Princess Summer Vale in the Dark Rising films and television series, which earned her two Canadian Comedy Award nominations.  She has produced four feature films and two television series including all the Dark Rising projects. Brigitte was president of the Canadian film production company Black Walk for six years and also ran its distribution division Decade Distribution.  She resigned in 2012 to start Good Soldier Films with long time business partner Andrew Cymek.

You can contact Brigitte at:

Andrew Cymek
President / Executive Producer


Andrew Cymek is an Executive Producer, Writer and Director.  He is the creator of the Dark Rising Franchise, comprised of two feature films and two television series, which Cymek wrote, directed and edited.  Andrew is also the owner of Defiant Empire and the writer, director and star of the action-thrillers Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf and Night Cries.  Top distributors including Eone, Anchor Bay and Mar Vista have released his projects around the world.  In 2010, Andrew won the Northern Lights Award from the Alaska International Film Festival for Medium Raw and has been nominated for several Canadian Comedy Awards for Dark Rising. His latest movie Country Crush can be seen on Netflix.

You can contact Andrew at:

Jimmy Martins
Associate Producer / Executive Producer

jimmyJimmy Martins is an Executive Producer and Associate Producer.  He has worked on a multitude of films including the Dark Rising series, Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf, Night Cries, Country Crush, A Deadly View, and Autumn Stables. Jimmy specializes in producing and project management.

You can contact Jimmy at:

Jim Peacock
Creative Director


Jim Peacock has been in the film industry for over 30 years specializing in Special FX, Prop building, Art Direction and Production Designing.  He has worked on countless projects including the Incredible Hulk, Saw V, Medium Raw and many more. Jim is the owner of The Peacock Studio which has been operating for almost 20 years and offers numerous services including sculpting, welding, costume and creature construction, specialty weapons construction, prop rentals and more.

Good Soldier Films is proud to welcome Jim to the team as Creative Director.

You can contact Jim at: